About Us

ValueInBrief is here online to offer you all valuable information in brief. That's why I named the blog "Value In Brief". I hope you like the name ❤

ValueInBrief blog has 4 categories/sections which are:

#1 Programming

Programming category contains all programming & development tips and tricks, and explanations:
1. app development tips & tricks
2. android apps architecture
3. how the smartphone works
4. how the cellular data connection works
5. how touch screen works

#2 Tutorials

This category contains all tutorials such as:
1. how to create logo on Inkscape tutorial
2. how to convert pdf to docx tutorial
3. writing a VectorDrawable for you Android app UI
4. how to design a good UI for your website
5. how to boost your website speed (decrease load time)
6. creating intuitive user experience (UX) for your app

#3 Problem Solving

This category contains all problem solving techniques and how-to-fix posts such as:
1. why restarting fix some tech problems in router, computer, and smartphone?
2. how to fix bad sectors
3. how to fix xinput1_3.dll error in windows 10
4. how to fix error 971 in play store
5. how to fix error 0xc00007b windows 10
6. how to fix bootmgr is missing
7. how to fix ubuntu login loop

#4 Cheat Sheets

This category contains summary of long explanations such as:
1. Java programming language cheat sheet
2. Kotlin cheat sheet
3. CSS/CSS3 cheat sheet
4. HTML/HTML5 cheat sheet
5. JavaScript cheat sheet
6. C Plus Plus cheat sheet
7. PHP cheat sheet
8. Go/Golang cheat sheet
9. Swift programming language cheat sheet
10. Python programming language cheat sheet
11. Linux command line cheat sheet
12. Android Studio shortcuts cheat sheet
13. Microsoft Word cheat sheet

This simple blog created by Abanoub Hanna, a developer and blogger, to offer you the valuable information in brief to save up your time.