Mac OS X : The Best Alternative To Linux Distributions

Wait .. what ? .. Yes you read it correctly. Mac OS is a UNIX-like operating system but with mainstream programs and apps. What you really need ? Terminal, Bash, POSIX compatible, package manager (macports, homebrew), mainstream apps (Photoshop, Premier and/or Final Cut).. All those tools available on Mac OS X.

Every Tool has its weakness! Yes. Mac OS is not perfect, neither Linux distributions. But Mac OS is more useful and nearly complete OS.

Mac OS:

  • Good Terminal : check
  • POSIX compliant / compatible : check
  • Package Manager (like apt-get in Ubuntu) : check (HomeBrew and MacPorts)
  • UNIX-like : check
  • Stable and Reliable : check
  • VIM : check
  • Adobe Photoshop : check
  • Adobe Illustrator : check
  • Adobe After Effect : check
  • Adobe Premiere Pro : check
  • Final Cut Pro : check
  • Android Development : check (Android Studio)
  • iOS / iPad OS Development : check (XCode)
  • Internet Browsers : check (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, .. )
  • Virtual Machine : check (virtualbox, .. )
  • App Store : check
  • Security and Privacy : check
I personally prefer Mac OS, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, and Manjaro. I don't like Windows because it is not UNIX-like and it's not reliable enough for me.

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