How to fix error establishing database connection - easy step-by-step tutorial

This problem " Error establishing a database connection ” make your website can not connect to mySQL server.

To fix this problem :

1. Open wp-config.php, check line DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_HOST, DB_NAME. Make sure the values is same with mysql access.

2. If you use Dedicated server or VPS hosting, try to restart your mysql server by typing :
-service mysql restart
-service mysql start
but if you use shared hosting, ignore this step!

3. if all the previous fixes can not fix it, so it's a server-side problem! it is not your error! so let the hosting company fix this error for you because it is their error!
contact them or give them a day or so and they will solve this error and the problem will disappear automatically.

Watch a video for the error fix of error establishing a database connection.

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