15 Time Wasters at Work you MUST avoid - Entrepreneur Characteristics

All people waste time BUT you are entrepreneur! Keep working smart and benefit from every hour of your day. How to get rid of time wasters? What is time wasters?! How to grow and improve your business faster?.

The Answer is to avoid those 15 time wasters, so you can achieve the GREAT SUCCESS!

15 Time Wasters at Work you MUST avoid | Entrepreneur Characteristics

1. Doing $10 per hour jobs

Don't do everything by yourself!.. change your car fuel .. clean the office and home .. There is too many mini-jobs you do and it's a waste of time!

Hire someone else to do those mini-jobs for you. In the time you saved, keep growing your business and work smart.

2. Blame.. blame.. blame..

Some people keep blaming someone for doing this thing, and blame that man for doing that action!

No.. no.. no!

Keep working smart and focus on how to improve your business. What you need for business? what's the next level you want to achieve? .. put the blaming behavior in trash!

3. Worrying about going out of business

Don't worry about going out of business! why?

If you keep worrying, you'll be out of business really.

Think how to improve.. think of the future.. think how to do the steps of work in a smart way.. work smart to grow you business!

4. constantly think about what competitors are doing

Thinking about competitors is useful BUT if you keep thinking of competitors only, you'll lose your time.

Think smart! How?

compare your business with competitors in a logic way then write down the points you want to improve in your business. So don't think about competitors again. Just keep working smart to improve you business.

5. Turn off notification except one or two to keep working

Nowadays, too many apps in our mobile phones notify us with the latest news! so we go and check those notification for all apps!

Facebook notifications, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google plus, StumbleUpon, Digg, Line, Scoopit, Stuffpit, WeChat, YouMob, Viber,.. and too many apps give us notification to check the newson it!


So to keep improving your business and reach your next level of success in your business, close these apps notification in the business hours.

6. Constantly hiring new people for new positions because you don't pay well enough

Hiring people, train your new employees, then leave your business and work with your competitors, then hiring new people again, and train them. It's a very bad process for your work!

You waste time hiring and training new people!?!

How to keep the employees?

Simply, give them the money that their work worth. Almost all employees leave work to work with a higher salary.

7. Thinking about people who left you

Keep thinking about people who left you, and you'll waste your time!

Keep improving your business and they'll regret for leaving your great business!

seek success by work not just thinking!

8. Non-effective social media use : Newsfeed on Facebook

Check Facebook newsfeed and your day-time wasted successfully!

The researcher found that the top websites wasting your time are:

  • Facebook 41%
  • LinkedIn 37%
  • Yahoo 31%
  • Google 28%
  • Twitter 8%

This research made on entrepreneurs. So avoid wasting your time on Social media websites.

Keep in mind that TIME IS MONEY!

9. Wasting time with office butterflies

Keep talking with friends and colleagues, waste your time!.. talking about everything everywhere! That's a bad habit.

Say it's not a time for chatting.. it's a business hour, so keep working and we'll talk later.

Chatting with your friends at work consume your time, and energy.. then your day is off and your energy is gone!

Keep working in a smart way and close any long-chatting with friends.

10. Too many meetings

Meetings are useful for your business?

Yes, but keep it short and smart! How?

Making long-meetings consume up your time and energy, not only your time but also your employees time and energy.

So the solution is to think about the meeting, the targets of it, who attend. After planning for this meeting in a short time, meet them and focus on how to achieve the most from this meeting.

Save up your time and effort to improve your business! that's the smart idea.

11. TV : television

Turn off TV.. It's a life-consuming not a time-consuming!

Everything waste your precious time, keep yourself away from it! that's the smart strategy to avoid wasting time.

12. Taking calls from friends during business hours.

Don't call friends during the business hours. The great strategy for phone calls is:

  • Cancel all non-useful calls.
  • Keep phone calls as shorter as you can.

Keep up the good work! and avoid wasting time.

13. Chasing the big account that you think will change your life instead of the small sales.

If I have that, I would have a great deals! if I was at this time, I would have something great! if.. if.. and if.

Thinking of opportunities which you don't have really is a great waste of time. Thinking of those if's will make you lose hope and work-time.

Think smart, and keep your time and energy for work. Improve your business, that's all!

14. Reading the wrong books.

Reading is a great behavior! Reading books is a pleasure! really I love it!

What to read is the key? and When to read is the other key?

Read books which give you useful ideas and information for you business. Don't waste your time reading a ridiculous book!

Read as many books as you want BUT focus on your business field.

15. too much partying.

Parties are great events to have fun! But keep going to parties all the time is a bad habit to waste your time.

Keep it for important events and parties only. Keep working with smart methods all the business hours of the day. Then make a time for partying each week or month.

Final Tips!

Stay focus.. focus on your business.. improve your business.. stay fresh and work.. move your business to the next level of success.. Don't waste your time with useless things.

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