What is the achievement of Andrew Ng?

Andrew Ng has achieved the following:

  1. Inventor of Coursera, an online course platform with over 28 million users and 2000 courses. You can go onto his website, take an accredited course, and get a certificate showing your achievement.
  2. Inventor of, a website with some of his lectures on artificial intelligence and deep learning. He also launched, which is currently contracted with Foxconn to begin mass producing AI related machines and products. Many people have taken deep learning courses from his websites and it has gotten high reviews on Coursera and other sites.
  3. He actually is the founder of the Google Brain project, Google’s venture to create mass scale neural networks using its computer infrastructure. One of its achievements was teaching computers to recognize cats after watching videos, without ever being told what a cat actually was.
  4. Andrew Ng has been featured in the Times 100 Most Influential People and has published over 100 articles on computer intelligence.
Andrew Ng

Today, Andrew Ng is one of the leading innovators and leaders of the world’s pursuit towards intelligent machines. His experience is unparalleled and is very highly respected and regarded by his students (at Stanford and around the world) and his colleagues.

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