5 ways I avoid procrastination

Almost all of us face procrastination. We suffer from procrastination in too many things especially when it comes to a huge task or project. Starting a new project is sure a procrastination! Feeling overwhelmed with the task or project leads to procrastination. Make it later. Start it tomorrow! I am not in the mode! I am feeling not OK. I'll sure begin the project tomorrow.

All of these things are our procrastination strategy. This is a bad behavior which we all fall in. In this blog post I will show you how I overcome the procrastination. I can cancel procrastination by these ideas.

1. finding a proper 'why'

If you can't find a good reason to start that project/task, you will never start it. So, write down your goals! find a reason that you really want to achieve. If there is no reason for the project, so don't bother trying to achieve it.

If you found a proper goal for the project, draw the most efficient route to your destination to your goal. So you can achieve your goal and do the project as you want.

2. set alarms

We always forget the time passed. Entertainment can make hours seem as a minute to us. So remind yourself of time passing. Set alarms for each thing you do. Set alarm for gym. Set alarm for eating. Set alarm for social media. Set alarm for doing something on your smartphone. Make your life a little bit organized by setting alarms for each and every activity you do. So you can make sure you start and stop that activity on time.

4. change your environment / surroundings & pinpoint your weaknesses

Try to change your environment, then find if it makes you more productive. Changing surroundings makes you in a different mode. Try to find what makes you less productive. Track your time and activities which makes you more or less productive.

Get rid of the activities that make you less productive, or at least give that activity less time with strict alarms.

Give more time for the activities that make you more productive. Find what drives your productivity, and follow it.

5. breaks things down

Starting a huge project is a procrastination candidate. You must break down that project to small parts and start with a teeny tiny part. After completing the first part, work on the next part.

Breaking down big tasks into small ones, helped me achieve too many goals in my life. I am a software developer. I created more than 100 Android apps, and more than 10 websites in different technologies / tech stack.

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