Is Linux Worth Learning?

Short answer is yes. But why Linux worth learning? what Linux gives you? what is special about Linux? what is unique about Linux which make it worth learning ?

1. Linux has the greatest command-line interface ever

I learned command-line interface in Linux. Using GUI is beautiful, but using CLI is powerful. If you are a developer/engineer/IT/sys-admin, you will appreciate the use of terminal (CLI).

Once you get familiar with CLI, you'll prefer it over any other GUI even if the user experience of the graphics (GUI) is great. You can do too many thing in one click in terminal.

2. Automation

In Linux, you can write scripts to automate almost everything you want. Automation is the best tool on your hand if your career in IT. No operating system can challenge Linux in automation.

3. Faster & Stable

Linux is faster than Windows. Linux is even with mac OS X in speed. But Linux is the most stable operating system known to humans. No updates can break the system if you use it well. Unlike Windows which breaks too many times (Blue Screen Of Death, Black Screen, .. ).

4. Powerful Apps / Package Manager

Linux has the best package manager which works great on CLI and GUI. Linux is the first operating system to use app store to install and update apps. It is the only operating system whose package manager run great on terminal and graphical user interface (GUI).

Using CLI package manager makes you familiar with npm for node js, go for golang,.. so on. Thus, Linux makes you a better programmer.

5. Compatible with almost all hardware

Linux is the most compatible operating system out there for any hardware from little raspberry pi to the huge data centers (servers) around the world. Linux will run on your computer or laptop for sure.

Is Linux worth learning?

6. Linux is open source

You can see the code of linux kernel. You can see the code of UNIX programs such as grep. It is a great opportunity for all programmer to see the most robust kernel ever made. It is a great security opportunity to use an open source software.

7. Linux is free

No one rule Linux. You can do whatever you want with Linux. No licenses needed to use it. Just install it on your hardware or on virtual machine (virtualbox or vmware).

8. Ease of use

Once you learn it, Linux is easy to use. Its file system structure is robust and easy. Linux makes your thinking tidy, because everything in it is neat and tidy.

9. Flexibility

Linux is the most flexible operating system out there. You can use it with just command-line interface (aka Linux terminal), or you can use Linux with just graphical user interface (GUI) such as pantheon desktop environment for Elementary OS. You can run Linux on raspberry pi, or live USB, actual hardware laptop, virtual machine, servers, .. etc.

You can switch between two desktop environments such as sinammon, pantheon, gnome, KDE, .. etc. It is a great opportunity to use it as you like.

10. Customization

You can change literally any thing. If you want to change anything, you can. If you want to change the terminal design, you can. If you want to change the shell of the terminal, you can. There are bash, fish, zsh, .. etc. You can change the desktop environment itself. You can change too many things. You can change more than you need or want or imagine.

Linux is - for sure - work learning. I am happy I learned Linux two years ago. I loved Linux. It is an enabler. Linux opened my mind to know deeply what is operating system? and what is programming language? what is compiler? Linux makes you deal with those concepts and implementations closer. You can even create one of them (OS, compiler, programming language).

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