How To Disable WordPress Plugins From CPanel ?

If you can not log in to your WordPress admin dashboard because of any plugin you have installed. So you have disable the plugin manually in the File Manager inside the CPanel on your host. Let's do it step by step.

Log In To CPanel

Go to and log in with the username and password of the CPanel host. Write the URL like this.

website cpanel

The URL will redirect you to a page like this.

CPanel login page

Then, write your username and password of your host / CPanel host. After that you will see the CPanel dashboard like this.

CPanel dashboard

Navigate To Plugins Folder

click on File Manager, then navigate to the public_html or the directory/folder of your WordPress.

WordPress directories and files inside CPanel

Then, double-click on the wp-content directory to go into it. Then double-click on the plugins folder/directory. Now, you can see all plugins you installed on your WordPress website like this image.

plugins directory inside WordPress in hosting CPanel

Disable A Plugin

To disable one of those plugins, just rename the folder of the plugin. For example, rename akismet to akismet-bak.

You can rename any folder / directory by click on its name and change it, or by clicking on the rename button on the top of the page.

change the folder name of plugin inside CPanel File Manager

And now, you can login to your without any problem. If you want to get new posts, make sure visit value in brief website everyday.