Best Mac Apps For Developers

Welcome to Value In Brief, In this blog post I collected all great apps which runs on Mac OS. I will keep this MacOS apps list up to date every month by adding more apps and removing bad apps (or discontinued apps).

1. Xcode
Xcode is the ultimate coding environment for Mac OS apps, iPhone apps, and iPad apps. It is a must have app when you code in Swift or Objective C on your MacBook.

2. Homebrew
Homebrew is a free open-source package manager for Mac OS. This tool provides a simple way to install UNIX tools, Mac terminal utilities and graphical apps on Apple's macOS. It can quickly download and install them, compiling them from source. This Mac dev tool has been recommended for its ease of use as well as its integration into the command line.

3. AtomSublime Text / VS Code
Any of those three code editors are great. You can pick one of them and be happy as a web developer or a coder in general.

4. Google Chrome
Chrome is an Internet browser, but you need it for its great dev tools. If you are a web developer, Chrome is a must have for you.

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5.  HandBrake
it's a format factory alternative for Mac OS. HandBrake is a tool to convert videos from format/codec to another.

6. VLC Media Player
If you face a video that default video player on Mac can not play/run, install VLC. VLC can play any audio or video format. It is a great software. VLC is elegant, open-source, free software.

7. Slack
Messaging client for teamworks.

8. Google Drive
Google Drive has too many advantages such as using the 15 GB free cloud storage, editing docs and spreadsheets offline, backup and sync local directories to a cloud saved directories on Google drive.

9. The Unarchiver
The native apps in MacOS can't do it all, especially when you're dealing with compressed or archived files. Thankfully, the Unarchiver can handle nearly any format you can throw at it, whether you’re working with RAR files or older formats such as StuffIt, ARC, or Tar.

The software also doesn’t require you to open a separate app, so you can access your files with a simple click in Finder.

10.  FlexiHub
Sharing iPhones and iPads over the network making them available for access from any remote machine, which means a developer can connect to an iOS device without having it physically attached to their Mac.

11. Git-Tower /or/ SourceTree
git client for MacOS.

12. Transmission
bitTorrent client for MacOS and Linux (Ubuntu, Elementary, Mint, Arch, .. ).

13. Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut is a great video editor for MacOS.

14. FaceTime (pre-installed)
It is a video chatting client for MacOS, iPad, and iPhone.

15. Spotlight (pre-installed)
It is a search-for-anything tool. You can search for apps, dictionary definitions, files, .. etc. Just click CMD+SPACE and enjoy searching with SpotLight.

16. Firefox Quantum
Firefox is a fast, reliable, and privacy-focused Internet browser.

17. iMovie (pre-installed)
While iMovie is free, it continues to prove itself an excellent entry-level desktop video-editing application. Turn your footage and photos into impressive productions with Hollywood-style trailer features and 4K compatibility.

18. Audacity
It is a free, open-source, elegant software for audio recording and editing on MacOS, Windows OS, and Linux (Ubuntu, Elementary, Arch, Debian, Redhat, Mint, ..).

19. Blender
It is a free, open-source, professional 3D modeling software.

20. TeamViewer
It is a feature-rich desktop remote control, desktop sharing, and presentation software.

21. WhatsApp Desktop
It is the WhatsApp client for MacOS to continue chatting with your friends and family.

For more recommended MacOS apps, check this blog post each month to see recently added programs. If you want to get new posts, make sure to subscribe to Value In Brief by Email.