5 Reasons Why Apple is Popular

Why Apple products ( iPhone, iPad and mac ) still popular even if Windows and Android are greater and huge in popularity & production today?!

Here are 5 reasons I collected as EXTREME facts from VERY HONEST and popular TECH GUYS on YouTube. 5 Reasons why Apple is popular today:

1. Great Commercials/Ads

Marques Brownlee, the GREAT tech reviewer on YouTube whom I follow everywhere, talks about the difference between Android commercials and iPhone ones in this video:

2. More Advanced SoC ( CPU & GPU )

Gary Sims, the best guy to teach you anything, analyses the difference between Apple SoC and Snapdragon SoC in this VERY HONEST video:

3. Fans of Apple Brand

Apple fans will buy anything apple-ish! iJustine is the most popular Apple fan on YouTube as I know 😂 and here is the video of iJustine with the great MARKEES :

4. Consistency of the Experience

Nick Ackerman made a video about 10 things iPhone made better than Android :

5. Less Choices

FightMediocrity made a video about the paradox of choice By BARRY SCHWARTZ - book review:

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