Why Don't Old Games Work On New Computers ?

We are guessing that old games will run much smoother on the new powerful PC and laptops! right?.. Wrong! even if you use Windows compatibility mode to run your old games, you will fail most of the time!! BUT WHY?

The powerful new hardware is a tiny part of the story. The real direct reasons are the architecture which those games are written for. And here are all the reasons why old games don't work on modern computers.

1. Old Games Are 32 bit

Most modern computers use 64 bit CPUs and 64 bit operating systems (Windows OS in this case). The 64 bit architecture is faster and allow more than 4 GB of RAM. But every program or game need to be coded to run on either 32 bit system or 64 bit system. This means that Windows OS will emulate 32 bit system to run old 32 bit programs and games. But this will not work for most games because some games try to use some incompatible code in form of DLL file. A windows update might break a dependency that the game relies on.

Some of game won't run at all because some of their code was written for 16 bit systems.

2. Multi-threaded Technology

Modern CPUs are designed to split a given program workload to run on multiple cores. This type of design lead to a more performance. But it is horrible for the games which is written for the one core old CPUs.

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