Why do we have multiple programming languages?

Every language designed to solve certain set of problems. For example, C designed to tell the machine how to behave in a more human way than the assembly language.

You can write any program or website in C++ --for example-- but it is easier and simpler to write a website back-end in PHP, or Ruby, or Go than using C++ for this purpose. It is also easier and simpler to write a microservice in Go or even NodeJS than writing it in C++.

Ruby designed to simple as human speech to the programmers, so they can build business software with less hassle with the software-hardware knowledge.

Go designed to help with the scalability, parallelism and concurrency especially on clusters of servers. And Go designed also to be simple and readable even in large code base programs.

Java designed to help developers to create cross-platform programs in an era with platform specific programming. Java run on a virtual machine called JVM, so we can run it on any operating system (OS) if the OS has a JVM.

PHP designed to write simple server-side scripts to enhance website security and maintaining simplicity.

JavaScript designed to give website webpages more dynamic capabilities such as changing the text on the fly, or using AJAX to load part of the webpage instead of reloading the whole webpage. And solving cross browser compatibility with CSS and JavaScript by a library written in JavaScript which is JQuery.

So if you want to write a program, script, app, or a website.. find the best language for this kind of project. This makes it easier to use to write a clean robust code.

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