How To Renew My Expired Domain On Godaddy?

The problem is: I have a domain registered by Godaddy, but it is expired and disappeared from my Godaddy account yesterday. But I want to renew it. I want to have this domain for years. It appears to be that my domain is cancelled.

Renew Expired Domains In Godaddy
You can renew your expired domains even if they are not listed on the domains section nor listed on the renewals or products. There are two ways to renew expired domains via Godaddy. Here is the first method. The steps to renew your domain is via this steps.

1. Login to your Godaddy account
2. Click on manage domains or my products or my renewals.
3. Click on Manage All.
4. Then click expired domains.
5. Select the wanted domain from the list of domains, and choose recover. Then go to checkout and pay the fees. You can see all the steps in brief on the images below.

how to renew my expired domains on Godaddy?

If you could not follow the above steps and renew your domain, try those short steps to renew your expired domain.

write your domain in this link in capital. The link is For example, if your domain is then the link will be..

Then click on the link after modifying it. The domain settings page will load on your Internet browser. Click on renew button next to the domain name. And checkout and pay your fees and pills.

I hope it fixes your problem and you could renew your expired domains. See you in the future posts. If you want to get new posts, make sure to subscribe to Value In Brief by Email.