Do You Really Need To Eject USB Drives?

Why don't we just yank the USB stick out?! Why we should click on Eject USB then yank it out from the laptop?!!

safely remove USB storage device

Some Operating Systems prefer to cache the copying process from difference storage drives. For example, When you copy some files from your Hard Disk to the USB drive, the files data will be cached in the RAM then moved to the USB stick.

This caching give the illusion of speed copying. But if you yank the USB stick from the computer when the data is still on RAM not actually on your USB stick, your data will be corrupted!!! and you'll lose your data!!

So it is recommended to make sure to click on "safely remove USB storage" or "Eject USB drive".

eject USB mass storage device

Some other operating systems does not use this copy or move cache in RAM but perform it in a realistic way. Actually copying data from Hard Disk Drive to USB Drive. This is better! But..

All operating systems make modification on files on RAM then flush the changes into the storage when you save. For example if you open a word document (docx file) and edit some words, the modifications are not saved yet until you hit the save or save as button.

So it is recommended to close all related files, and to make sure that there is no files in use from the USB drive, click on EJECT to make sure there is no data loss or corrupted data may happen!

Finally, I recommend you to close all related files and click on "Eject" or "safely remove USB mass storage device" to make sure that your data on USB drive is safe and completely saved.

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