Why do list articles generate so much web traffic?

List posts, also known as listicles, work well for many reasons:

5 reasons why the list articles are popular

1. Easy to follow (skim friendly)

It is just a list of items such as reasons or advantages. So it's easy to read the whole post or just read the main points only.

2. Shareworthy (explains why they are popular)

Too many people find it useful as it is easy to read, so they share it with their friends on social media websites. So the list posts gain more traffic from social media shares.

3. Easy to write (explains why there is a lot of them)

To write a list blog post, just write the titles then the list of items, then explain each item underneath. Finished? publish it. It is so easy compared to other blog post formats.

4. Expected type of content (people know exactly what to expect, so they click)

When people see the title of the blog post, they know what exactly will be in the post. They expect to see list of items (reasons, tips, advantages,..etc), and they really see what they expect. This is against scam content which say something in the title and talk about a slightly different thing in the post content.

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