Why I Prefer Start Application Menu Over The Menu Screen?

I used Windows with its start menu which occupy some part of the screen on the left side not the whole screen. I used also Mac OS X with its menu screen which occupy the whole screen, and used Ubuntu and other GNOME desktop environment Linux distros whose menu occupy all the screen. Finally I used Elementary OS which has a menu w/ search and categorized apps on the left top bar. It is great. The Elementary OS Start Menu is the best implementation of the menu, so I prefer it.

One of the main advantages of the desktop / laptop computers is the ability to do multitasking easily without any compromise. But the whole screen menu is a REAL awful compromise. I love the start menu of the Elementary OS (pantheon desktop environment) and the Windows OS start menu. They are great.

Elementary OS application menu

I can search and/or open another app while seeing the current apps on the screen. It is really focusing on getting all things done. When I use smartphone or tablet, I prefer whole screen menu. But on laptop or desktop computers, I prefer the start menu not that huge unnecessary all screen menu!

I was happy when Microsoft changed their menu on Windows 10 to be similar to Windows 7 not Windows 8.1 because in Windows 8.1 they made it a whole screen menu. I love when you revert back to your wise decisions. I hope Ubuntu create a menu similar to elementary OS menu which will be great.

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