[UPDATED] Top 10 Linux Distributions

Welcome to Value In Brief blog, Now I collected the best Linux distributions for general purposes. But what makes a Linux distro one of the best ? I think of this question too long then decided to focus on User eXperience, and how easy to use it is, the community support, stability, performance and speed, and reliability and updates.

top 10 Linux distributions

#1 Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution because of the stability and support from canonical. I personally prefer this distribution. It is my daily driver (on my main PC/laptop).

#2 Linux Mint

Linux Mint is the easy to use for all ex-Windows users. It has a great online support for this Linux distro. Linux Mint focus on simplicity and being usable for non-technical users.

#3 Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a great user experience focused Linux distribution which I love the concept behind it. I hope the Elementary OS team focus more on performance and speed beside the UX focus. I really recommend this distro as I always use it from a live USB stick.

#4 Solus

Solus is an operating system that is designed for home computing. Every tweak enables us to deliver a cohesive computing experience. Solus OS focuses in delivering user-friendly experience.

#5 Manjaro

Manjaro is an accessible, friendly, open-source Linux distribution and community. Based on Arch Linux, Manjaro provides all the benefits of cutting-edge software combined with a focus on getting started quickly, automated tools to require less manual intervention, and help readily available when needed. Manjaro is suitable for both newcomers and experienced Linux users.

Manjaro is not a consumer-oriented operating system. You have full control and you will not be prevented from breaking your own installation - but then again, breaking things and fixing them is half of the fun! On the other hand, if you are happy with the way it works you don't have to change a thing.

Manjaro can represent a perfect middle-ground for experienced Linux users, those who want good performance, full control, and cutting-edge software but also a degree of software version stability.

#6 MX Linux

MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS communities, using the best tools and talents from each distro. It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint.

#7 Debian

Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run.

#8 Fedora

Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is built and used by people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project.

#9 openSUSE

The openSUSE project is a community program sponsored by SUSE Linux and other companies. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, this program provides free, easy access to openSUSE, a complete Linux distribution. The openSUSE project has three main goals: make openSUSE the easiest Linux for anyone to obtain and the most widely used Linux distribution; leverage open source collaboration to make openSUSE the world's most usable Linux distribution and desktop environment for new and experienced Linux users; dramatically simplify and open the development and packaging processes to make openSUSE the platform of choice for Linux developers and software vendors.

#10 Zorin

Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution designed especially for newcomers to Linux. It has a Windows-like graphical user interface and many programs similar to those found in Windows. Zorin OS also comes with an application that lets users run many Windows programs. The distribution's ultimate goal is to provide a Linux alternative to Windows and let Windows users enjoy all the features of Linux without complications.

#11 CentOS

CentOS as a group is a community of open source contributors and users. Typical CentOS users are organisations and individuals that do not need strong commercial support in order to achieve successful operation. CentOS is 100% compatible rebuild of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, in full compliance with Red Hat's redistribution requirements. CentOS is for people who need an enterprise class operating system stability without the cost of certification and support.

#12 Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring a custom GNOME desktop. Pop!_OS is designed to have a minimal amount of clutter on the desktop without distractions in order to allow the user to focus on work. The distribution is developed by Linux computer retailer System76.

I personally like Ubuntu, Elementary OS, and Linux Mint. Ubuntu is my daily driver on the main PC. I have a live USB stick with Elementary OS. I hope this blog post helps you. See you in the next update.