[UPDATED] Ubuntu Must Have Apps For Developers

Welcome to Value In Brief blog. If you are a developer who uses Linux, definitely you use Ubuntu Linux. Why? because of stability and support for this great Linux distro. So here are all the best apps and tools for you, developers!

Ubuntu apps for developers

#1 VSCode (Visual Studio Code)

Visual Studio Code is one of the best coding IDE for all operating systems. This integrated development kit (IDE) supports almost all languages with extensions (or plugins). You can install VS Code in Ubuntu from Software Center or using this command on Terminal.
sudo snap install vscode

#2 Android Studio

If you are Android app developer, Android Studio is available in snap center so you can download it from software center or using this terminal command.
sudo snap install android-studio --classic

#3 SQLite Browser

This Ubuntu app is to browse and edit SQLite databases. You can download this app from software center, or using this terminal command.
sudo snap install sqlitebrowser-casept

#4 Skype

Skype is a VoIP service application to chat with other by texting, audio, or video. This is the most common video conference app used on all operating systems at work. So it is a must to have it on your computer as a developer who may call any one of the teamwork. You can install it from software center or by this command.
sudo snap install skype

#5 gitg

If you are using GIT as a version control in your developing career, so it is essential to use gitg app from Ubuntu software center or install it using this command.
sudo apt install gitg

I hope this Ubuntu apps list for developers helps you! See you next update!