Tips To Start YouTube Art Channel

If you want to start a YouTube art channel, this post is for you. Art channel is a specific niche which needs proper setup and schedule to succeed. Here are my tips for you!

  • Make your videos easy-to-follow by brain-storm the video idea before making it
  • Use arty way to teach or show Art
  • Schedule a list of topics to create videos daily or weekly.
  • Focus on the User eXperience (UX) by using a great artwork YouTube cover, and logo/profile for the art channel.
  • Put related videos in sequence in a playlist.
  • Simplify what you do to a step by step tutorial
  • Create adorable/fancy artworks, and record/screen-cast it to share on YouTube (just a time-lapse not tutorial)
  • Get your videos ideas from Quora, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Search, Tumblr,.. etc
  • SEO; focus on user experience (UX) & click-through-rate (CTR) to engage each viewer to subscribe to your beloved YouTube channel.
I hope those tips help you in your thinking to start your art YouTube channel properly. See you next blog post to tell you the valuable information in brief!