How To Speed Up Website Load Time?

Speeding the load time of your website pages will increase the session time and decrease the bounce rate, so your ranking in Google will reach the top results easily. So what should I do to speed up my website load time?

Tips to speed up your web page load time

  • Combine style sheets (*.css files) to minimize the number of HTTP requests
  • Combine JavaScript (*.js files) to minimize the number of HTTP requests
  • Use webp, gif, JPEG XR and/or JPEG 2000 image files instead of PNG or JPG.
  • Remove all unnecessary code/content such as commented scripts/codes
  • Minify CSS style sheet
  • Minify JavaScript script/file
  • Compress images to use HD resolution & compressed lossless using website
  • Delete unnecessary plugins/widgets & code the function of the plugin if you can instead of using a plugin.
  • Temporary storage time (browser cache) for example; set images to 7 days, scripts/stylesheets to 1 month,.. etc
I hope this checklist of tips helped you to boost up the load speed of your website pages. See you next blog post with value in brief!