[solved] Ubuntu WiFi connected but no internet access

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This is a common problem when you update, upgrade, or install new packages. If you are connected to WiFi and there is a question mark on the WiFi signal area, this issue will be fixed by changing the DNS nameservers to Google DNS.

We will open resolv.conf in the /etc/ directory|folder, then add DNS namservers, and restart network manager service to try to connect with the new DNS settings. Without any further talking, let's fix this problem.

First of all, open Terminal ( click Ctrl + Alt + t ), then type cd /etc/ and press Enter.

navigate to etc folder in ubuntu linux to solve wireless issue

then type sudo nano resolv.conf and press Enter again.

edit DNS nameservers in resolv.conf file to fix wireless issue

a file will be opened and it contains nameserver 127.x.x.x like this image.

the default content of resolv.conf ubuntu file

So change those name servers by commenting them by # and write those two lines
like the following image.

typing the new DNS nameservers in resolv.conf file in Ubuntu Linux

then press Ctrl + x and type y to save changes and Enter to exit.

then type service network-manager restart and click Enter to restart your WiFi using the new DNS we just changed.

restart network manager service with the new DNS setup

And hopefully, WiFi will connect and work normally. Please comment if it didn't work for you, and tell us also if it worked for you.

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