[Guide] Tips and Tricks to search Google easily and find what you want

We are always searching for something on the web! and usually we find what we want using Google, BUT sometimes we can not find what we really want!! Why?!

I have no answer to why question! because there are too many reasons there! But I will show you how to reach and fetch what you are searching for on Google.

Here are some great tips and tricks to fetch any information from Google Search Engine.

Tip #1: use "quotes" to search for exact phrase

To search Google for exact same sentence, use "Quotes" to tell Google ( I want the page that have the same sentence with the same order of words! ).

For example, if you search for "SRCtube Photoshop Effects", then the first result will be the YouTube channel which named the same! then some relevant results which contain this phrase inside their pages as the YouTube channel name.

Tip #2 : use -hyphen to exclude website or word from results

You can search for something excluding some words from the search results.

For example, if you want to search for facebook pages for sale and you do not want any result show from facebook website itself you can search for facebook pages for sale so no results from facebook will show up!

Another example, if you want to search for somebody or something ( not popular or famous ) BUT when you search you get results about the famous one! so exclude something which related only to the famous one. Exclude using hyphen or dash ( - ).

Tip #3 : Use relevant words only, keep it short!

Long sentences always contain misleading words, then the search results will not be relevant to the topic you really want to search for. So keep it short and focus on the main words of the topic ( also known as KEYWORDS ) you're searching for.

For example, If you want to search for How to make an engraving name effect on Photoshop quickly it's tooooooooo long!
Keep it short and focus on main keywords like engraving name effect, or Photoshop engraving effect, or Photoshop engraving effect tutorial.

Tip #4 : Add a word that specify the type of content you're searching for

When you search for videos, please include the word video, or YouTube in the end of your search term on Google.

For example, if you are searching for engraving name effect Photoshop, Google will show up only one or two videos. But if you type engraving name effect Photoshop video, all results will be videos!

Specify you content so you get what you want. For example if you're searching for how to install drivers, the results will be all about how to install drivers on windows 7, windows 8 or even windows 10. So you need to include your specific word for operating system you use. Type install drivers on Linux Mint if you need them on your Linux Mint OS.

Tip #5 : search withing range of numbers, or range of dates

You can search for any thing within the range you provide. For example, Building 1993..1999 or Technology 1990..2000 or wars ..1973, 1990..2000 movies.

1990..2000 means search withing this era in-between.
..1973 means search on this year and before

Tip #6 : Calculate any math operation with Google!

Google search provide calculator to calculate any math you want, just type the equation like 8*5+7 then press enter ( or return ) and Google will come up with the result!

Google will show up a real calculator which you can use to calculate any math you need to.

Tip #7 : Get the time of any location or city around the world

Type time+city_name then press enter or return, and Google will show up the time now there!

For example, time LA will return the time of Les Angles. Time Cairo will show up the time in Cairo in Egypt in the real time.

Tip #8 : Get the weather of any city or location in the world

You can type weather+city_name then search, and Google will show up the weather today and tomorrow and some next days.

Tip #9 : search for a specific file type on Google to download it

Now you can search for pdf files and download them directly form Google search page, type filetype:pdf file_title_keywords then hit enter/return, then Google will show up all related pdf with your keywords you search for.

You can also search for PowerPoint files using filetype:ppt or filetype:pptx or filetype:pps,
                                      plain text files using filetype:txt
                                      Microsoft word documents using filetype:doc or filetype:docx.
So you can search for all files using the file extension after the parameter or shortcut word filetype:.

Tip #10 : Convert any currency or unit into another easily

You can convert any currency into any other currency using Google search easily. For example, type 100 USD to EGP, that will convert those 100 US Dollars into Egyptian Pounds.

You can eaily convert any measuring unit into another. For example, write 2 inches to meters and hit search button, so Google gives you the answer immediately!

Tip #11 : Search in a specific domain or website

If you can not search inside any website, now Google can search for anything inside any website as you like. For example type bike, and all the search results will be from and all about bikes and bicycles.

The main formula is Site:domain.extension keyword for example:
- engraving effect
- photoshop
- android apps
- library
- Linux
- Linux
- Linux

Tip #12 : Missing words in Sequence like lyrics

If you want to search for something you miss word or two on it. YES! you can search with Google using the asterisk symbol like those examples.

- Hold me * and hold me fast ( if you miss the "close" word ). and Google will guess it and search for you, and you'll get what you need! Amaaaaazing!

Tip #13 : Search for words in the text body of articles and webpages

You can search inside the text body of the webpages and articles using Allintext, and intext shortcut parameters.

When you search using Allintext:keywords, Google knows that all keywords you type should be in the text to show up as a result. But when you use intext:keyword, Google knows that the keywords after the parameter is the must be there in the text body of the webpage or article.

See example in the video of tips and tricks to search on Google.

Tip #14 : Search for articles and posts that entitled with those words

You can search in titles of article only using Allintitle shortcut parameter or intitle.

As in the previous tip, Allintitle:keywords tells Google that all keywords must be in the title of any search result to be shown up. But intitle:keyword tells Google that the words typed after the parameter should be in the title of any search results shown up.

Tip #15 : search for articles or websites that their URLs contain a specific word!

If you want to search for website talking mainly about Linux, you can search for allinurl:linux tutorials as a search term, then hit search button!

You can use Allinurl:keywords or inurl:keyword as you like. The difference is like the above two tips!

Tip #16 : Search for websites like another website

With Google, you can search for similar websites easily using related:website.extention shortcut parameter.

- will give you,,,.. etc.
- will give you,,,.. etc.

So you can find more websites like your beloved websites to follow them now!

Tip #17 : Translate any word or phrase quickly on Google search

You can use three formulas to translate text into another language. Here are the methods ( Formulas ) with examples:

1. translate etre to English

etre is the verb-to-be in French language. So the formula is translate foreign-word to another-language.

translate etre to hindi
translate سلام to english
translate bad to arabic

2. foreign-words to another-language or foreign-words in another-language

For example:

bad to arabic
الحمد لله to english
facil to english

bad in arabic
الحمدلله in english
facil in english

3. write the "translate" word in the wanted language, and write the word you want to translate

For example, if you want to translate the word "الحمدلله" from its language into the English language. just type translate الحمدلله and search Google!

If you want to translate the word "bad" into the Arabic language, just search for ترجمة bad and Google will do it for you.

Tip #18 : Search for something in a specific location

For example conference location:london that gives you results about any conference or conference place in London.

Tip #19 : set timer & use a stopwatch

You can set a timer using the parameter shortcut 20 min timer, or 50 minute timer,.. etc

And also you can use online stopwatch by searching for stopwatch on Google search.

Tip #20 : Get the sunrise time, and sunset time of any location or city around the world

For example, sunrise london, sunset cairo, sunrise LA.

Tip #21 : Get all scores and schedules of a football teams

You can get all scores and schedule of a football team just by searching for its name. For example: Manchester United.

Tip #22 : Use Advanced Tools from Google Search

Watch video for the detailed view of those advanced search tools.(video url)

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