Carbohydrate Metabolism Cycles in Brief

Carbohydrate Metabolism Cycles:

1. Glycogenesis
2. Glycogenolysis
3. Glycolysis
4. Pentose Shunt Cycle
5. Uronic Acid Cycle
6. Kreb's Cycle

 Cycle Name
Position /
Location /
1. Glycogenesis 
It is the formation of glycogen in liver and muscles. 
 occur first in the body then Glucose converted into Glycogen in liver cells.
 2. Glycogenolysis
It is the break down of Glycogen into Glucose in liver and Lactic acid in muscles. 
occur in liver, muscles and blood. 
 3. Glycolysis
 It is the oxidation of Glucose to Pyruvate in presence of oxygen or Lactate in absence of Oxygen.

Note! To memorize them better => Pyruvate in Presence of Oxygen
 occur in cytoplasm of all tissue cells
Pyruvate in presence of Oxygen, and Lactate in absence of Oxygen 
 4. Kreb's Cycle
It is a series of reactions in which Acetyle-CoA is oxidized into CO2 H2O
 and energy.
occur in Mitochondria 
It forms Citrate and end by Oxaloacetate 

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