Tabs or Spaces?

When I write code I prefer tabs over spaces because:

1. Lazy: clicking tab is one action, but if you used spacing you need more than one click; at least two clicks on space bar which is somewhat unpractical.

2. File Size: tab is one character but spacing will be two or three characters which will increase the source code file size.

3. Configurable: you can change the width of tab in your code editor or IDE, so it can be more comfortable in reading source code.

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5 Reasons Why Apple is Popular

Why Apple products ( iPhone, iPad and mac ) still popular even if Windows and Android are greater and huge in popularity & production today?!

Here are 5 reasons I collected as EXTREME facts from VERY HONEST and popular TECH GUYS on YouTube. 5 Reasons why Apple is popular today:

1. Great Commercials/Ads

Marques Brownlee, the GREAT tech reviewer on YouTube whom I follow everywhere, talks about the difference between Android commercials and iPhone ones in this video:

2. More Advanced SoC ( CPU & GPU )

Gary Sims, the best guy to teach you anything, analyses the difference between Apple SoC and Snapdragon SoC in this VERY HONEST video:

3. Fans of Apple Brand

Apple fans will buy anything apple-ish! iJustine is the most popular Apple fan on YouTube as I know 😂 and here is the video of iJustine with the great MARKEES :

4. Consistency of the Experience

Nick Ackerman made a video about 10 things iPhone made better than Android :

5. Less Choices

FightMediocrity made a video about the paradox of choice By BARRY SCHWARTZ - book review:

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Best Windows Apps For Developers

Welcome to Value In Brief website, In this blog post I collected all great apps and programs which runs on Windows OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 10. I will keep this Windows apps list up-to-date every month by adding more apps and removing bad apps (or discontinued apps).

1. Atom / Sublime Text / VS Code
2. Google Chrome
3. Mozilla Firefox
4. VLC Media Player
5. Camtasia Studio / Adobe Premiere Pro
6. Audacity
7. Blender
8. Android Studio
9. Visual Studio
10. TeamViewer
11. WhatsApp Desktop
12. Microsoft Word
13. Microsoft PowerPoint
14. Microsoft Excel
15. Photoshop / Affinity Photo / GIMP
16. Illustrator / Affinity Designer / Inkscape

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Best Mac Apps For Developers

Welcome to Value In Brief, In this blog post I collected all great apps which runs on Mac OS. I will keep this MacOS apps list up to date every month by adding more apps and removing bad apps (or discontinued apps).

1. Xcode
Xcode is the ultimate coding environment for Mac OS apps, iPhone apps, and iPad apps. It is a must have app when you code in Swift or Objective C on your MacBook.

2. Homebrew
Homebrew is a free open-source package manager for Mac OS. This tool provides a simple way to install UNIX tools, Mac terminal utilities and graphical apps on Apple's macOS. It can quickly download and install them, compiling them from source. This Mac dev tool has been recommended for its ease of use as well as its integration into the command line.

3. AtomSublime Text / VS Code
Any of those three code editors are great. You can pick one of them and be happy as a web developer or a coder in general.

4. Google Chrome
Chrome is an Internet browser, but you need it for its great dev tools. If you are a web developer, Chrome is a must have for you.

Value In Brief website on MacOS desktop

5.  HandBrake
it's a format factory alternative for Mac OS. HandBrake is a tool to convert videos from format/codec to another.

6. VLC Media Player
If you face a video that default video player on Mac can not play/run, install VLC. VLC can play any audio or video format. It is a great software. VLC is elegant, open-source, free software.

7. Slack
Messaging client for teamworks.

8. Google Drive
Google Drive has too many advantages such as using the 15 GB free cloud storage, editing docs and spreadsheets offline, backup and sync local directories to a cloud saved directories on Google drive.

9. The Unarchiver
The native apps in MacOS can't do it all, especially when you're dealing with compressed or archived files. Thankfully, the Unarchiver can handle nearly any format you can throw at it, whether you’re working with RAR files or older formats such as StuffIt, ARC, or Tar.

The software also doesn’t require you to open a separate app, so you can access your files with a simple click in Finder.

10.  FlexiHub
Sharing iPhones and iPads over the network making them available for access from any remote machine, which means a developer can connect to an iOS device without having it physically attached to their Mac.

11. Git-Tower /or/ SourceTree
git client for MacOS.

12. Transmission
bitTorrent client for MacOS and Linux (Ubuntu, Elementary, Mint, Arch, .. ).

13. Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut is a great video editor for MacOS.

14. FaceTime (pre-installed)
It is a video chatting client for MacOS, iPad, and iPhone.

15. Spotlight (pre-installed)
It is a search-for-anything tool. You can search for apps, dictionary definitions, files, .. etc. Just click CMD+SPACE and enjoy searching with SpotLight.

16. Firefox Quantum
Firefox is a fast, reliable, and privacy-focused Internet browser.

17. iMovie (pre-installed)
While iMovie is free, it continues to prove itself an excellent entry-level desktop video-editing application. Turn your footage and photos into impressive productions with Hollywood-style trailer features and 4K compatibility.

18. Audacity
It is a free, open-source, elegant software for audio recording and editing on MacOS, Windows OS, and Linux (Ubuntu, Elementary, Arch, Debian, Redhat, Mint, ..).

19. Blender
It is a free, open-source, professional 3D modeling software.

20. TeamViewer
It is a feature-rich desktop remote control, desktop sharing, and presentation software.

21. WhatsApp Desktop
It is the WhatsApp client for MacOS to continue chatting with your friends and family.

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Is history a recursive function?

I think it is. History repeats itself again and again with some scalable changes. It is like the recursive function in programming which repeats itself again and again with a variable change by increase or decrease.

The function itself does not change but variables do change. But still the function does not change. The history is the same but some factors and variables are constantly changing causing those superficial and deep changes to the normal eye.

I hope this recursive function result a better future.

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Best Android App To Convert Image Into Text

OCRit app is the perfect Android app to convert images to text. Here is the what, how and why is the OCRit app is the perfect OCR processing application for Android smartphones.

Why OCRit app is the perfect app to OCR images into text?

Because OCRit app is easy to use, fast processing, and free to use. You can install OCRit from Google Play here.

How to use OCRit app?

It is easy to use. Just tap on gallery or camera to import image to the app.

import image from gallery or camera for OCR process

Crop the image to get the text content only.

crop the image to obtain text only

Then click on the floating button on the bottom of the screen to get the text from image.

importing the image to convert it into text
 And voi-la ! The text appear on the screen. And you can copy this text by tapping on the floating button down on the screen.

recognize English text from images using OCRit app

What are the features and advantages of OCRit app?

OCRit app is really amazing. It has all the features and advantages we need right now. And here are the features:

- works totally offline, and doesn't require internet connection.

- import image from gallery or camera as you like.

- app size is less than 2 MB.

- OCRit currently supports English, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog and Turkish languages.

- OCRit app is really smart and doesn't consume the internal storage. because the captured photos are deleted right after finish using them.

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Ubuntu is taking too long to boot!!! - Fix Problem

If your Ubuntu laptop/desktop computer taking too long to start, this post is for you to fix this problem. The main problem is often the address of the swap is mis-configured or falsely identified.

First we need to measure the boot up time (start time) accurately. So we will use the systemd analyzer as you see in this command.
systemd-analyze time
systemd-analyze time

After knowing the startup time, we should determine if it is normal or slow?! .. in brief, if the total startup time is less than 25 seconds then it's normal. But if the startup time is more than 25 seconds it's slow.

Identify the UUID of used SWAP partition

To identify swap partition run this command, and type your password.
sudo blkid | grep swap
identify the currently used swap partition

After that, remove any other swap file mentioned on /etc/fstab except the above identified swap.

edit fstab file to remove false swap files

Use any editor as you like to edit the /etc/fstab but make sure to edit it as root (using sudo). I am using VIM, but you can use NANO or GEDIT or EMACS.

And edit /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume file using favorite editor to replace the UUID with the swap partition one if it is not the same. Don't forget to edit it as root.

change the UUID of swap partition to the correct one

Then run this command to update initramfs.
sudo update-initramfs -u

Now.. reboot (restart) Ubuntu so you can see the best performance and speed are come again!

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Where Does The Google App Save Downloaded Images?

Too many people have this problem when saving images using Google app. But here is the fix for this problem.

First, long press on the Google app widget on home screen - as shown on the image below - then choose App Info.

open app info for Google App home screen widget

Second, tap on app permissions. You will see the permission granted as shown on the following image.

Google App permissions

Third, enable storage access by pressing on Storage item on the permission list shown in the above image and below image.

enable storage permission for Google App

After enabling the storage permission, the images and photos and pictures you download on Google app will be saved to the internal storage of your smartphone. So the downloaded images will show up in gallery app and file browser app.

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How To Detect And Redirect To Mobile Site Using PHP?

If you don't want to use javascript, you can handle it via php. Take a look at this lib: And then you could do something like this code:

include 'Mobile_Detect.php';
$detect = new Mobile_Detect();

if ($detect->isMobile()) {
    header('Location: yourpage.php');

This library is reliable and usable until today. It's great. I hope you find this short-blog useful. If you want to get new posts, make sure to subscribe to Value In Brief by Email.

Do You Really Need To Eject USB Drives?

Why don't we just yank the USB stick out?! Why we should click on Eject USB then yank it out from the laptop?!!

safely remove USB storage device

Some Operating Systems prefer to cache the copying process from difference storage drives. For example, When you copy some files from your Hard Disk to the USB drive, the files data will be cached in the RAM then moved to the USB stick.

This caching give the illusion of speed copying. But if you yank the USB stick from the computer when the data is still on RAM not actually on your USB stick, your data will be corrupted!!! and you'll lose your data!!

So it is recommended to make sure to click on "safely remove USB storage" or "Eject USB drive".

eject USB mass storage device

Some other operating systems does not use this copy or move cache in RAM but perform it in a realistic way. Actually copying data from Hard Disk Drive to USB Drive. This is better! But..

All operating systems make modification on files on RAM then flush the changes into the storage when you save. For example if you open a word document (docx file) and edit some words, the modifications are not saved yet until you hit the save or save as button.

So it is recommended to close all related files, and to make sure that there is no files in use from the USB drive, click on EJECT to make sure there is no data loss or corrupted data may happen!

Finally, I recommend you to close all related files and click on "Eject" or "safely remove USB mass storage device" to make sure that your data on USB drive is safe and completely saved.

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How To Play Old PC Games On Windows 10 ?

There are too many to run old games on Windows 10 but most of them fails. So follow the following steps. if the game works after a step, it's fine. But if you run through all the steps but the game can't run, through this game from your way! It won't work!!!

1. Run The Game In "Windows Compatibility Mode"
2. Run It On Windows 10 32 bit
3. Search For A Modern Edition Of The Game On Steam

If your tried all the 3 steps and none of them run the game, you should through the game from your head. It will not work.

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